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Why High Flow Filters Are Most Effective?

Mar. 21, 2022


The high flow pleated filter element adopts ultra-fine polypropylene fiber membrane. The ultra-fine fiber has stable filtration accuracy and can effectively intercept tiny particles and colloidal debris, and the filtration efficiency as high as 99.8%. What’s more, multi-layer structure design provides high dirt holding space and filtration area, with large dirt holding capacity and long filtration life, which can reduce investment and labor costs in many applications.

The High Flow Pleated Filter uses high performance filter material and integrates the advantages of high efficiency and compactness of the pleated filter element and the characteristics of the filter bag which is easy to use and simple to operate.


So Why high flow filters are most effective can be concluded as follow:

1. Innovative High Performance Filter Material

The filter medium of the high flow filter element adopts polypropylene microporous membrane. The fiber structure is loose, the high porosity increases the capacity of impurities, and it has a deep three-dimensional filtering effect. Therefore, the filtration efficiency of the filter element has a gradient filtration effect.

2. Horizontal Pleating Design and Technique

As the core filter unit of the high flow filtration system, the high flow filter element adopts the horizontal pleating technology to maximize the area of the filter medium in a limited space. At the same time, the pleating technology can ensure that when the fluid passes through the filter element, each unit area of the filter medium has the fluid to pass through, ensuring that the area of the filter medium is completely converted into the effective filter area.


3. 20 Times More Flux Than Conventional Filter Element

The diameter of the high flow filter element is large, so its flow rate is also large, which can reach a flow rate of 30-40 cubic meters per hour. This is something that pp melt blown filter cannot achieve. The flow rate of dozens of PP melt blown filter is equivalent to that of a high flow filter. In terms of flow, the high flow filter element has more advantages.

4. Absolute Filter Precision

The declared accuracy and filtration efficiency of the high flow filter element are 99.9% at 5 micron. During the test process of the filter element, the filtration efficiency of 5 micron is greater than 99.9%, and the filtration efficiency of 3 micron particles and impurities is also more than 99.5%.

5. Ultra Long Life Service

For traditional filter elements, high filtration efficiency, high dirt holding capacity and service life often can not find an optional balance point. That is, if the filtration efficiency of the product is high, its dirt holding capacity and service life may tend to be shorter and vice versa. Due to its own technical advantages and unique design, the high flow filter element balances the relationship between filtration efficiency, dirt holding capacity and service life, achieving an absolute filtration efficiency of 99.9%, and a single filter element with a dirt holding capacity of 15KG.


Hongtek Top-rated High Flow Filter for Your Best Choices:

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Application areas of high flow filter:

General Use: RO reverse osmosis system prefiltration

Chemical Industry: various acids, alkalis, solvents, condensed water, brine,and various other chemicals.

Power Station: power plant supplementary water, condensate water, stator cooling water, etc.

General Industry: various process fluids, process water, condensate water, cooling water, wastewater treatment, etc.

Microelectronics Industry: pre-filtered deionized water.

Food and Beverage Industry: processing water, etc.

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