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How to Prevent the Occurrence of Broken Filter Bags?

May. 14, 2021


In the process of filter selection, matching, installation, use and replacement, the filter bag may be broken, causing the impurities not to be effectively intercepted, which will affect the operating load of downstream processes, product quality, economic and environmental losses and even safety accidents. Therefore, quickly identify broken bags, analyze the causes and find out countermeasures is an urgent and realistic demand for the production and management.

So how to prevent bag breakage form happening? Let's the take a look at the following countermeasures:

1. Correctly choose the right Filter Bag

The selection of filter bags requires careful consideration of applications such as corrosiveness, chemical compatibility and temperature tolerance. In addition, the initial net pressure difference is an important indicator for control, and the net pressure difference is generally recommended not to exceed 0.1bar.


2. Check the quality of the filter bag

Use high quality filter bags from qualified suppliers. Check the packaging, appearance, label and production date of the filter bags to avoid the use of expired products. Since the filter filter material is easy to age, the shelf life of general filter bags is not recommended to be longer than 2 years. Hongtek supply a series of High Quality Filter Bag, which raw material is 100% FDA approval.


3. Standardize filter bag operation

When the filter bag is installed, the outer support net must be installed, and the inner support frame is an optional part of the filter. Try to use the inner support frame to achieve the purpose of spreading and flattening the filter bag. If there is no inner support frame, the filter bag needs to be flattened so that the filter bag is as close as possible to the outer support basket to prevent the filter bag from being separated from the outer support net and bearing pressure alone.

4. Find the correct pressure difference for the filter bag replacement

Combining with the production situation, find out the best replacement filter bag pressure difference. In actual production, it is necessary to perform sampling analysis before and after filtration under different replacement pressure differences in combination with current production. To achieve the goal of not only meeting the quality requirements of production, but also prolonging the service life of the filter bag as much as possible.

All in all, in order to reduce the risk of bag breakage, correct filter bag selection is the prerequisite, compliance operation is the foundation, product quality is the guarantee, and the control of the pressure difference of the filter bag is an important strategy to deal with the broken bag.

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