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What are the Filtration Products Used for Industrial Midstream Process Water?

Sep. 08, 2021


Process water is indispensable in the production process of general industry, and is usually used for product manufacturing and processing, equipment flushing, etc. Because the debris, emulsion and other pollutants contained in the process water will reduce the output, product quality, pollution and corrosion of the equipment, it is necessary to install a filtration system to filter the midstream process water to maintain the purity of the midstream process water. Let's take a look at which filtration products are used in the midstream process water system.

1. High Flow Pleated Cartridge Filters

HONGTEK high flow pleated filter is mainly composed of filter media, end caps, outer cage/netting, and sealing ring. It is made by membrane pleated/compression, ultrasonic edge seam welding, ultrasonic/infrared thermal welding technology, which has the characteristics of high flow rate, great dirt holding capacity, high filtration efficiency and long service life. The High Flow Pleated Filter can also customize the length of the filter element, filter media, inner core, outer cage/netting and end cap material to meet the requirements of different processes.


2. Melt Blown Cartridges

The melt blown cartridges is made of polypropylene particle hot melt spun filament. Because of its tight inside and outside loose structure, larger particles can be intercepted in the outer layer, and smaller particles are intercepted by the inner layer, so that the Melt Blown Filter Cartridge has a great dirt holding capacity. It is generally used to filter liquids with large turbidity.


3. String Wound Cartridges

The string wound cartridges are usually made of PP, bleached cotton and glass fiber materials. They have a honeycomb structure inside, which is tight and loose on the outside. Its diamond-shaped deep filter cone structure increases the surface area of the String Wound Cartridge and improves its dirt holding capacity.


In addition to the above high flow pleated cartridge filters, melt blown cartridges and string wound cartridges. HONGTEK also provides Stainless Steel High Flow Filter Housings and FRP High Flow Filter Housings for midstream processes in general industrial midstream water process. When designing the filtration system, the appropriate filtration product should be selected according to the specific situation.

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