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The Advantages of Radial Pleated High Flow Cartridges

Nov. 10, 2020


Hongtek's high flow cartridges can be divided into radial pleated high flow filter cartridges and vertical high flow pleated cartridges. Through ultrasonic welding technology, radial pleating membrane technology and thermal welding technology, the radial pleated high flow filters are made of non-woven fabric inner layer, PP melt blown membrane middle layer, filament fiber outer layer, with central hard core and outer overall thick cage. While the vertical pleated high flow filters are made of PP melt blown middle layer, and the both sides are non-woven fabric and outer meshes, with central core and outer cage.

The original intention of HONGTEK to develop HFU Series Radial Pleated High Flow Cartridge Filter is to help our customer to get higher efficiency filtration with more cost effective way. Following are the advantages of radial pleated high flow filter cartridge for your reference:

1. Better Integrity Structure

With one piece 40" length integral outer cage and higher strength inner core, the outer layer of membrane use Dupont filament fiber for better integrity. The end caps are welded by thermal welding machine, without the use of glues or adhesives to prevent any possibility of pollution.


2. Higher Flow Rate

With horizontal pleat technology, the 40" length radial pleated high flow cartridge filter has max filtration area up to 12m2, which is about 1.7 times larger than vertical pleated filter. Since the surface filtration area of radial pleated filter is larger than the vertical pleated filter, when filtering the same liquid under the same pressure, the flow rate of the radial pleated filter of the same length will be higher than the same size vertical pleated filter.


3. Greater Dirt Holding Capacity

The unique radial pleat design of the cartridge allows the liquid to pass through the filter membrane more evenly, thereby maximizing usable surface area and increasing the dirt holding capacity per cartridge. Inside to outside filtration pattern of the cartridge ensure holding all impurities stay inside the pleated media, preventing polluting the treated water during the cartridge change-out.


4. Smaller Footprint

Since compared with the vertical pleated filter, the radial pleated high flow filter has higher flow rate, which means use the same time to obtain the same volume of purified water, the number of radial pleated high flow cartridge filter used is much less than vertical high flow pleated filter. The result is lower capital investment and a compact footprint that saves valuable plant space.


5. Lower Replacement and Maintenance Costs

Under the same condition to filter the same liquid, the service life of the radial high flow pleated filter is longer than vertical pleated filter. Therefore, in a long term operation project, the number of replacement of radial pleated high flow cartridge is much less than vertical pleated filter, which not only shortens the times of project shutdown, but also help customers save much costs with high filtration efficiency and good performance.


6. Longer Service Life

With high particle removal efficiency and strong contaminant holding capacity, the radial pleated high flow filter has longer service life, which result in low investment cost and less manpower in many applications.


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