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How to Use Filter Cartridge in Adhesive Filtration?

May. 27, 2021


Adhesive is a kind of material with good adhesion properties. It connects objects by surface adhesion through adhesion and cohesion. Now it is widely used in automobiles, airplanes, electronics, glass, ceramics and other industries. Different fields have different requirements for the purity of adhesive. Some require higher purity of adhesive and some require lower purity. Adhesive filtration generally chooses a filtration system consisting of Melt Blown Cartridges and Pleated Filters.

Melt blown cartridge has a unique gradient deep structure with coarse, loose outside and fine, tight outside, which has stronger dirt holding capacity. However, because the internal pores will increase due to the increase in pressure and impurity leakage may occur, so the Melt Blown Cartridge is generally used as the pre-filtration of the adhesive filtration system.


The Pleated Filter Cartridge has a constant pore size and a large surface filtration area, which directly intercepts pollutants on the outer layer of the filter membrane. The rejection rate can reach 99.98%, which can effectively intercept the remaining impurities after the filtration of melt blown filter. Therefore, pleated filter is generally selected as the terminal filter of the adhesive filtration system.


The impurity size and concentration of different types of adhesives are different. It is necessary to select Melt Blown Cartridge or Pleated Filter Cartridge with appropriate filtration accuracy according to actual situation. There are also some industries that require high adhesive purity, such as the microelectronics industry. In order to prevent the fibers of the pleated filter from falling off, the pleated filter is generally ultrapure water cleaned, dried and sterilized process.

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