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Why Choose Hongtek's High Flow Filter Cartridges in Water Treatment Industry?

Mar. 08, 2022

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The best filtration solution is to achieve the best filtration effect with the lowest filtration cost. We choose Hongtek high flow filter for liquid filtration because it has the characteristics of high flow rate, great dirt holding capacity, easy change-out and small footprint, which can better control the filtration cost and achieve better filtration effect with lower filtration cost. Let's take a deeper look at the high flow filter together.

1. What is a High Flow Filter?

High flow filter cartridge usually refers to a pleated filter cartridge with a larger outer diameter and surface filtration area, it processes liquid at a faster flow rate, has a larger flow rate and stronger dirt holding capacity, can help users save on filtration system space. Compared to traditional 2.5" OD filter cartridges and liquid filter bags, high flow filters save the labor cost and time in replacement, increasing system filtration efficiency at a lower cost.

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2. What are the Advantages of Hongtek High Flow Filters?

(1) Higher Flow Rate

Due to the large outer diameter of the high flow filter cartridge, it has a larger surface filtration area. Under the same operating conditions, the volume of liquid passing through the high flow filter will be larger than that of a depth filter with an outer diameter of 2.5 inches.

(2) Smaller Footprint

When the water demand of the system is the same, the number of High Flow Cartridges with same length is less than that of a depth filter cartridge with an outer diameter of 2.5 inches, so the outer diameter of the high flow filter housing is also relatively small, thereby reducing the system footprint.

(3) Lower Maintenance Cost

When replacing the filter cartridges, compared with depth cartridge with 2.5" OD, it is more convenient to replace the high flow filter, which reduces the labor cost of replacing the filter cartridge. Since fewer high flow cartridges are used in a system with the same water demand, there is lower disposal costs for high flow filter when disposing of waste.

(4) Greater Dirt Holding Capacity

Since the surface filtration area of high flow filter cartridge is larger than that of the depth filter cartridge with OD 2.5 inches, the High Flow Pleated Cartridges can accommodate more contaminants ( colloids, particles, ect.) in the liquid during the liquid filtration process.

(5) Higher Production Efficiency

If there is no spare filter system, it will need to stopped the machine first and then to replace the filter elements. Due to the short replacement time of high flow cartridge, the downtime is shorten, the production time is prolonged and the production efficiency is improved.

3. Hongtek's High Flow Filter Replacement Guide

Beside high flow filter cartridges, Hongtek also produces High Flow Filter Housings, provides cartridge filters and filtration system supporting services, which offer better filtration solutions for end users. And provide customers with guidance services for the installation and replacement of High Flow Filter Cartridges. Through years of rich industry experience, in order to help users solve the problems encountered in installing and replacing filter cartridge, we have summarized the following main steps for replacing high flow filter cartridges:

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(1) First of all, we must check whether the specifications (length, outer diameter, precision, filter media, etc.) and quality of the high flow filter meet the standard of use, and prepare the disassembly tool for replacing the filter cartridges;

(2) Make sure the system is off and close the inlet/outlet valves of the high flow filter housing;

(3) Slowly open the vent valve on top of the high flow filter housing for pressure relief;

(4) Slowly open the drain valve of the high flow filter housing to drain the liquid in the housing until the liquid no longer flows out;

(5) Open the cover on top of the housing and take out the used high flow filter in the housing;

(6) Thoroughly rinses residual dirt on the surface and interior of the high flow filter housing;

(7) Open the packaging bag of the high flow cartridge, and wet the O-ring on the end cover of the filter cartridge with lubricant or water to prevent the O-ring from falling off due to friction when the filter cartridge is installed;

(8) Insert the high flow filter vertically into the socket at the bottom of the housing by hand, then install and fix the pressure plate of the housing, finally cover and lock the cover of the housing;

(9) First close the drain valve, then slightly open the water inlet valve to allow the liquid to enter the high flow filter housing, until the liquid overflows from the vent valve at the top of the housing, close the vent valve;

(10) Slowly open the water outlet valve of the housing until it is fully opened, and then slowly adjust the water inlet valve until the pressure difference between the upstream and downstream of the high flow filter housing reaches the value of the initial pressure difference;

4. Wide Application of Hongtek High Flow Filter Cartridges

Food & BeverageBiopharmaceuticalMicroelectronicsPower Generation
ChemicalsPetrochemicalWater TreatmentIndustrial

5. What Types of High Flow Filter Cartridges Does Hongtek Supply?

high flow filter-5.jpghigh flow filter-4.jpghigh flow filter-3.jpghigh flow filter-1.jpghigh flow filter-2.jpg
PALL Replacement3M Cuno ReplacementPARKER ReplacementPENTAIR ReplacementEVERBLUE Replacement

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