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LEDS: We has designed high efficiency filters for LEDS applications for over many years, proper filtration from 5 micron to 50 micron filters is needed to avoid contamination in LEDS manufacturing process, we get some ready to recommend suitable solution for your production needs.

● Wastewater: Industrial waste water treatment need good quality water cartridge filters & filter bags to remove impurities and other pollution, beside classical of depth filters, we also developed some types of pleated high flow filters, help to save much cost and improve filtration efficiency

● Pulp & Paper: Pulp and Paper industrial need to filter a lot of particles, such as in the process of bleaching chemicals(methanol, sodium chlorate, sulfuric acid), water(water knives, spray nozzles, eye wash stations), paper additives(latex, pigments, dyes), BETA 5000(99.98% filtration efficiency) filter cartridges from 1 to 50 micron are required for purification.

● Tank Venting: Some type of hydrophobic filters are used in the process of tank venting, the tank vent filter is designed to allow sufficient air flow to match the rate at which liquid is added or removed. It is best practice to choose a hydrophobic material for the application with PTFE membrane filter cartridges.

● Fine Chemicals: Hongtek provide a range of filters to remove particulates, trace metals and color odor. Liquid filter cartridges to clarify the fluid such as melt blown and string wound cartridges, also pleated cartridges for finial filtration. Activated carbon can adsorb much useless stuff to remove organic and inorganic contaminants.

● Surface Finishing: Typical applications of surface finishing include: continuous purification of nickel plating bath solutions to reduce levels of organic brightener break down products; Filtration of residual lubricating oils and other organics from parts washing solutions; Filtering for metal finishing waste water.

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