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How to Filter CBD Oil?

Jun. 24, 2021


Cannabis oil is an abstract product of the cannabis plant and is generally used in the pharmaceutical field. The filtration process of cannabis oil mainly includes clarifying filtration, activated carbon filtration, air pre-filtration, sterile air filtration, etc. Let us learn more about the filtering process of cannabis oil.

Clarifying Filtration

Clarifying filtration of cannabis oil is one of the key steps in the production process of cannabis oil, mainly to remove wax, carbohydrates, chlorophyll, protein, fat and other fine particles in the process of refining cannabis oil. The filtration system generally selects SUS316 High Flow Filter Housing and PP High Flow Pleated Filters


Activated Carbon Filtration

After the cannabis crude oil is clarifying filtration, the remaining chlorophyll will affect the taste and color of cannabis oil, so it will generally be decolorized and deodorized. If activated carbon particles are used for filtration, in order to ensure the quality of the refined oil, a filtration system will be installed after it. The equipment generally selects SUS316 High Flow Bag Filter Housings, and the filter consumables generally select PP Standard Felt Filter Bag or High Flow Pleated Bag Filters.


If the Carbon Impregnated Cellulose Cartridges specially designed to replace traditional filter bags are selected to decolorize and deodorize of cannabis oil. Because the carbon impregnated cellulose cartridge is made of carbon impregnated cloth, no carbon particles will fall off and it also has the effect of intercepting particles. Therefor, it can save the cost of installing a filtration system to remove carbon particles.


Air Pre-filtration

The main purpose of the air pre-filtration process is to protect the terminal filtration system. By intercepting larger particles in the air, the service life of the terminal filtration system is prolonged. The equipment of the pre-filtration system generally uses SUS316 Cartridge Filter Housings, and the filter consumables generally use PP Pleated Filter Cartridges.


Sterile Air Filtration

The aseptic air filtration process is mainly to remove microorganisms in the air, so as to prevent the ingredients, packaging and other processes in the cannabis oil production process from being contaminated by air contact. The equipment of the sterile air filtration system generally uses Sanitary SUS316 Cartridge Filter Housings, and the filtration consumables generally use Hydrophobic PTFE Membrane Pleated Cartridges with 0.2 micron.


HONGTEK does not support any violation of the law to use, grow, trade cannabis or its accessories. HONGTEK filtration products are only allowed to be used in compliance with all laws, promoting social science, and technological development.

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