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How are High-Quality High Flow Filter Cartridges Manufactured?

Apr. 21, 2022


HF Series High Flow Filter Cartridge is specially designed to replace PALL Ultipleat series high flow filters. It has been widely used in water desalination, food&beverage, power plants, coatings and other fields by virtue of its great dirt holding capacity, high flow rate and convenient replacement. To produce high quality high flow filters, standard production procedures and advanced production processes are the main determining factors. Let's take a look at how high quality high flow cartridge filters are produced.

1. Raw Materials Preparation for High Flow Filters

The high flow filter is mainly composed of membrane, non-woven fabric, supporting net, inner core, outer cage/bandage/netting, end cap and sealing o-ring. In order to ensure the production is running smoothly, our purchasing department strictly follows FDA and CE standards to purchase those raw materials.

2. Production Process for High Flow Filter Cartridges

In order to improve the safety, tightness and pressure resistance of the high flow filter, no adhesive is used in the entire production process of the high flow filter. The high flow cartridge filter is produced by the membrane pleating process, the ultrasonic edge seam welding process, and the ultrasonic/infrared thermal welding process. Let's learn more about the production process of high flow filter cartridge.

(1) Membrane Pleating Process

The membrane pleating process of the high flow pleated filter cartridge is to stack filter media such as membranes, non-woven fabrics, and supporting nets together according to the order, and use the membrane pleating machine to pleat these filter media to required pleating height of the membrane, making these filter media into a pleated shape. Then cut out the filter medium according to the membrane area that is required.


(2) Ultrasonic Edge Seam Welding Process

Ultrasonic thermal welding is a high technology for edge seam sealing of pleated membrane, without any additives & adhesives in the process. Turn the high flow filter medium into a cylindrical body with a ring structure, so that there is no liquid leakage at the edge and seam, making sure 100% integrity of the edge seam without any pollution.


(3) Ultrasonic/Infrared Thermal Welding Process

The assembly and welding process of the High Flow Filter is mainly to assemble and weld multiple 10 inch pieces outer cage together or one pieces 20 inch and another piece 40 inch together to complete 60 inch long high flow filter cartridge through a thermal welding machine.


(4) Thermal Welding Process of High Flow Filter End Cap

The end cap thermal welding process of high flow pleated filter cartridge is a process of assembling and welding the top and bottom end caps with the two ends of the high flow filter by thermal welding machine. Usually the ultrasonic welding machine welds the filter cartridge and end cap of PP material, and the material of Glass Fiber uses the infrared welding machine.


3. Packaging Procedure of High Flow Cartridge Filters

Each high flow filter has a separate plastic bag and inner box packaging, and a standard outer carton packs 4 high flow cartridge filters, which can improve the safety and convenience of transportation. In addition, outer carton film and pallet packaging can also be provided upon request.


4. Quality Inspection Procedures for High Flow Filter Cartridges

In order to control and ensure the production of high quality high flow filter, our quality inspection department will strictly follow the production quality inspection standards for the raw material, the operation specifications during the production process, and the finished filter and package inspection before shipment. Let us know more about the quality inspection steps for our high flow filter cartridge.

(1) Raw Material Inspection

When preparing the raw materials for the production of high flow filters, our quality inspection department will inspect the appearance, material, size and performance of raw materials to ensure that the appearance of the raw materials is not damaged, the materials meet the production requirements, and the size tolerance is within the specified range, the performance meets the standard of use.

(2) Production Inspection

In the production process of high flow filter cartridge, our quality inspection department will conduct sampling inspection on semi-finished products. In order to ensure that the pleated height and membrane area after cutting, the sealing performance of edge seam welding, the stability of the weld between the end caps and filter cartridges are in line with production requirement.

(3) Final Inspection

Before delivery, our quality inspection department will check the quantity, appearance, packing (plastic film, pallet, etc.), labels (model, brand, batch number, etc.) in strict accordance with the production requirements. In addition, the size and performance of the high flow filter will be sampling inspection, and the product will be shipped after the inspection is passed.

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