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Power Plant Water Treatment

Dec. 22, 2017


Power plant water treatment are mainly divided into two types: one is a boiler water treatment, and the other is the condensate water treatment. Boiler feed water treatment can prevent and reduce boiler fouling, corrosion, and steam accidents, also protects the plant operational safety, economic, energy and has an important role to protect environment. Condensate treatment mainly remove corrosion products and dissolved impurities from the thermal system.

Mainly particles from:

1, Boiler feed water

2, Impurities from the heat steam come back to condensate

3, Leakage condenser cooling water into the condensate, condensate increased iron and suspended solids

4, Original sedimentary impurities in the boiler or turbine output into a condensate cooling water

5, Corrosion products such as iron, copper content, a nickel more than the dissolved salts

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