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How to Reduce Damage of Pleated Filter in Steam Sterilization?

May. 07, 2021


Online steam sterilization is a process that uses saturated steam to effectively kill and inactivate microorganisms within the initial time. Since steam sterilization is a common cause of damage to the pleated filter, the steam sterilization of the Pleated Filter must strictly follow standard operating procedures. Now let's take a look at the common situations caused by operating errors in the process of online steam sterilization for pleated filters.

1. The squeeze deformation of Pleated Filter

The squeeze deformation of the pleated filter element is because the water vapor wets the pleated filter, reduces the amount of steam ventilation, increases the pressure of the steam through the membrane, and causes the pleated filter to be squeezed and deformed under high pressure conditions. Therefore, before steam sterilization, we should ensure that the condensed water in the steam is removed, use steam to slowly dry the pleated filter and open the exhaust valve and the drain valve during the sterilization process.


2. The Pleated Filter melts and expands

The reason for the melting and expansion of the pleated filter is that the temperature of the steam is too high, which causes damage to the pleated filter. Generally, the temperature of the online steam sterilization for pleated filter should be controlled at about 121℃, and the time of each steam sterilization should be controlled at about 30 minutes.


3. The surface of Pleated Filter turns yellow and black

Generally, the partial or uneven discoloration of the pleated filter is caused by pollution. Contaminant particles (rust, oil, etc.) contained in the steam pollute the surface of the pleated filter. The reason for this phenomenon is that the steam pipeline is not pre-cleaned and passivated, so that the embroidered, charcoal, oil and other contaminants remaining on the surface and the dead corner of the welding process are carried into the filter under the action of high temperature steam, causing the pleated filter to be contaminated.


4. The end cap and o-ring of the Pleated Filter is broken

The sealing ring of the pleated filter is most likely to be broken because the organic solvent is used to wet the sealing ring when the filter is installed. At a high temperature of 121℃, the vapor pressure of the organic solvent is much greater than the pressure of water vapor. Therefore, under the action of the pressure, the sealing ring is squeezed out of the slot, and the pleated filter port and sealing ring is broken.


In order to ensure that there are no squeeze deformation, melts, expands, turns yellow and black, end cap and o-ring is broken, etc. in the process of on-line sterilization, we should strictly control the temperature and pressure of the steam, ensure that there is no condensed water and pollutants in the steam before the steam sterilization operation, use inorganic solvent to wet the sealing ring, and operate in strict accordance with the standard specification of on-line steam sterilization.


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