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Syrup Filtration Process of Food and Beverage

May. 06, 2021


In the production process of the Food and Beverage industry, in order to improve the flavor and taste of food and beverage, syrup will be generally used during production. Syrup is one of the important factors that determine the quality of food and beverages. Therefore, in the process of preparing syrup, the syrup Filtration process must be strictly carried out in accordance with the standard.

1. Sugar Dissolves

The dissolution method of granulated sugar is mainly divided into cold melting and hot melting. Because the hot melt of granulated sugar has a fast dissolution rate and can also kill microorganisms, the hot melt method is generally selected in the process of preparing syrup. In order to prevent the caramelization of syrup from production peculiar smells, the temperature should not be too high during the process of melting the sugar.

2. Activated Carbon Treatment of Syrup

The main function of activated carbon is to absorb the pigment and peculiar smell in the syrup. Generally, granular carbon with a particle size of about 50 microns is used. Before the syrup is filtered, it is necessary to conduct an experimental test, that is, use a 0.45 micron membrane to filter the syrup, and then determine the amount of activated carbon according to the required color, taste and odor.

3. Primary Filtration of Syrup

Before the syrup is filtered, precoating on the filter screen of a plate and frame filter or a diatomaceous earth filter. When the temperature of the syrup reaches about 80℃, first add activated carbon and stir for 15 minutes for purification, then add diatomaceous earth and continue stirring for 15 minutes to achieve the effect of removing color and odor of syrup.

4. Fine Filtration of Syrup

After the primary filtration of the syrup, it is inevitable that there will be traces of fine activated carbon and diatomaceous earth particles remaining in the syrup. In order to ensure the provision of high quality syrups in the production of food and beverages, a security filter system must be installed. Generally, a Bag Filter Housing made of 316 stainless steel and a Liquid Filter Bag made of PP with 1 or 5 micron filtration rating are used.


The requirements for syrup in the production of different foods and beverages are also different, such as: bread, cola, Apple Juice, lemon juice, Sparkling Water, etc., so the syrup should be filtered and blended according to specific requirements to produce high-quality product.

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