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Why Choose PPH Plastic Bag Filter Housing?

Aug. 26, 2022


The PPH Plastic Bag Filter Housing is mainly composed of three parts: filter housing, support basket and filter bag. According to the flow requirements, multiple filter bags can be used in a single housing. The liquid enters from the side of the of the filter housing, and is flushed into the filter bag from the top of the filter bag supported by the basket. The filter bag is spread out due to the impact of the liquid and the uniform pressure surface, so that the liquid material is evenly distributed on the inner surface of the entire filter bag, and the liquid passing through the filter bag is discharged from the liquid outlet at the bottom of the filter along the wall of the supporting basket. The filtered particles and impurities are trapped in the filter bag to complete the filtration process.

Then why should we choose PPH plastic bag filter housing instead of other models? Let's check the below features:

1. Special Material

PPH plastic filter housings are made of PP reinforced polypropylene material, which can be used fro the filtration of strong acids and alkalis such as hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, aqua regia, etc.

2. Simple Structure

The PPH filter housing consists of the main body, support basket and the upper cover. The filter housing and the inlet and outlet flanges, the installation square base are integrally injection-molded, without any threads and welding, to ensure the safe sealing of the product without any leakage and damage. Flange bolt hole distance is multi-functional, can be equipped with national standard, American standard, Japanese standard, German standard flange. The installed square base enhances the safety and stability of this product, and is easy to fix in places with different needs. The inner bottom of the four-hole installation square base is raised, which is convenient for cleaning the interior of the product and the discharge of the filter media. 

The support basket is integrally formed, and the surface of the basket has prominent solid square columns with uniform design and orderly arrangement, which increases the pressure resistance of the basket. 

The upper cover is integrally formed, and the inside of the cover is specially designed, which enhances the pressure resistance of the cover and can withstand 1Mpa pressure.


3. Easy and Simple to Handle

According to the user's filtration accuracy and the needs of different filter media, the user can choose filter bags with different filtration accuracy to meet the needs of filtration quality. The ring mouth of the filter bag is in close contact with the inner wall of the main body, which can effectively prevent liquid leakage. The installation position of the ring mouth of the filter bag is flush with the upper end face of the body, which is convenient for installation and removal of the filter bag. The upper cover and the main body are connected and sealed with a lifting ring, which be easily locked and disassembled.

4. High Filtration Efficiency and Good Sealing Performance

The effective filtration area is large, and the filtration function of one filter bag is 5 to 10 times that of the same type of filter element, which can greatly reduce the cost. Each filter bag has separate locking device, there is no change of side leakage, and the sealing performance is good.

5. Cost-effective and Style Novel

Under the condition of achieving the same filtration effect, compared with the plate and frame fine filter housing, the cartridge filter housing, the raw water pre-filter and the fine filter housing, the PPH housing has the advantages of lower investment cost, long service life and low filtration cost.


The PPH Filter Housing can be used in a variety of industries, as long as it can meet the process requirements, following are some applications and benefits you can see in different industries:


● Electrophoretic paint filtration

● Ultrafiltration protection filtration

● Phosphating liquids filtration

● Cleaning fluid filtration

● Metallic paints filtration

● Improve bond strength

● Improve surface treatment effect

● Reduce paint craters and rework

● Extend the life of electrophoretic paint

● Prevent nozzle clogging

Food and Beverage

● Intercept carbon ink and filter aid in sugar making    

● Edible oil polishing

● Security filtration before filling

● Filtraiton of variou process water, syrup and other raw materials

● Remove impurities from teh blening process

● Filter out suspended solids and sediments in beverages

● Improve the gloss and purity of the finished product

● Lower investment costs

● Lover operating costs

● Improve product quality

Pharmaceutical Factory● Recovery of active raw material and catalysts

● Remove the activated carbon

● Medicinal syrup filtration

● Plant extracts filtration

● pH adjustment solution filtration

● Crystallization liquid pre-filtration

● Recycling valuable materials

● Improve drug purity

● Improve product quality

Metal Processing

● Lubricating oil filtration

● Coolant circulation filtration

● Recycling precious metals

● Anti-rust oil filtration

● Super fine grinding oil filtration

● Cutting fluid, cleaning fluid degreasing

● Assist in maintaining the pH value of oil

● Extend oil life

● Raising the level of precision in metalworking

● Protect metalworking tools

● Reduce operating costs and improve process efficiency

● Improve product qualification rat

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