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How to Filter the Condensate in the Power Plant?

Oct. 18, 2021


In the operation of power plants, ensuring the high quality of condensate plays an important role in reducing the frequency of boiler blowdown, improving the efficiency of the steam turbine, extending the regeneration cycle of the resin and shortening the start-up time of the unit. In order to improve the efficiency of power plants and reduce costs, condensate filtration systems will be installed.

The power plant condensate filtration system is mainly used to remove iron, silicon, oil and other pollutants in the condensate, and to improve the working efficiency and service life of downstream equipment. The equipment of the filtration system usually chooses Stainless Steel Cartridge Filter Housings, and the filtration consumables usually choose high flow pleated filters, membrane pleated filter cartridges or string wound cartridges.

1. High Flow Filtration System

The high flow filtration system consists of a Stainless Steel Filter Housings and a high flow pleated filter. Compared with a 2.5 inch outer diameter deep filter element, the High Flow Filters has a larger outer diameter and surface filtration area, and has a higher flow rate and service life, which means reducing labor costs and saving floor space.


2. Membrane Pleated Filtration System

The membrane pleated filter system consists of a Stainless Steel Filter Housings and a membrane pleated filter element. The Membrane Pleated Filter Elements is generally 60 or 70 inches in length, and the end cap is connected by an internal thread. Compared with the 2.5inch outer diameter depth filter element, it has a higher filtration accuracy and can provide a better working environment for downstream equipment.


3. String Wound Filtration System

The string wound filter system is composed of a Stainless Steel Filter Housings and a string wound filter element. The length of the String Wound Filter Elements is generally 60 or 70 inches, 304 stainless steel porous inner core and internal thread connection end cap.


The above three filter elements are the most commonly used in power plant condensate filtration systems. When designing the filtration system, you can select the appropriate filter element and filter housing.

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