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Do You Know How to Filter Inkjet Ink?

Oct. 26, 2021


Inkjet inks are generally made of colorants (dyes/pigments) and carrier fluids (water/solvent), and can be classified into dye-based inks and pigment-based inks according to the color base. Since the pigments, insoluble dyes, colloids and other contaminants in the colorant and carrier fluid can block the print head or nozzles, it is necessary to install a filter system to remove impurities to ensure the performance of the printer and extend its service life.

1. Inkjet Ink Pre-filtration System

The inkjet ink pre-filtration system is mainly to remove the larger gels, particles and other pollutants in the resin and carrier fluid. Its function is to reduce the load of the downstream filtration system and prolong its service life. The equipment of the filtration system generally uses Stainless Steel Bag Filter Housings, and the filter consumables are made of PP/Polyester Liquid Filter Bags.


2. Pigment Inkjet Ink Filtration System

The pigment ink filtration system mainly removes contaminants such as gels, polymers, and pigments that exceed the specified diameter, ensuring that the finished pigment ink meets the use standards of inkjet printers. The equipment of the filtration system usually chooses Stainless Steel Cartridge Filter Housings, and the filtration consumables usually choose Pleated Cartridge Filters or Melt Blown Cartridges made of PP material


3. Dye Inkjet Ink Filtration System

The dye ink filtration system is mainly to remove colloidal residues, insoluble dyes and other contaminants in the solution, so as to prevent the finished dye ink from clogging the printer nozzles. In order to achieve a better filtering effect, two-stage filtering is generally carried out. The equipment of the filtration system usually uses Stainless Steel Cartridge Filter Housings. The consumables of the pre-filtration system generally use PP Pleated Filter Cartridges, and the consumables of the terminal filtration system generally use PES Membrane Pleated Filters.


The above-mentioned pigment and dye filtration system is suitable for the filtration of water-based inkjet inks. When filtering solvent-based inkjet inks, it is necessary to confirm its chemical compatibility. If the filter element used in the filtration system is compatible with the solvent, the filtration scheme can be designed according to the above. If the filter element is not compatible with the solvent, you can choose another filter element compatible with the solvent.

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