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What are the Advantages of PPH Plastic Filter Housing?

Aug. 04, 2023


The PPH Plastic Filter Housing is made of polypropylene homopolymer material through integral injection molding process. Polypropylene homopolymer is a kind of material reinforced by polypropylene modification, which has better performance. Compared with PP, PVC, UPVC and other plastic filter housings on the market, our PPH plastic filter housing has more advantages in integrity, temperature and pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, sealing performance, service life, convenience of installation and maintenance, and variety of models.

1. Better Integrity

The body of our PPH plastic filter housing is produced by integral injection molding process without any welding points and side leakage. As far as we know, there are some welded or sticky filter housing on the market, and the welding points are prone to liquid leakage, which may cause injury to operators and affect the operation safety of the entire project. By contrast, our overall injection molded PPH plastic filter housing has better integrity and can better ensure the safe operation of the whole project.


2. Stronger Temperature and Pressure Resistance

At present, the maximum temperature of most PP, PVC, UPVC and other plastic filters on the market is generally not higher than 45 degrees Celsius, and the maximum pressure capacity is generally lower than 6 bar. The maximum operating temperature of our PPH plastic filter housing can reach 90 degrees Celsius, and the maximum operating pressure can reach 8 bar. Hongtek PPH Filter Housing has stronger temperature and pressure resistance than PP, PVC, UPVC and other plastic filter vessels. It can not only replace PP, PVC, UPVC and other plastic filter vessels, but also can be used in high temperature, high corrosive where they can not be used.


3. Higher Resistance for Strong Acid, Alkali and Chemical Corrosion

Due to the poor corrosion resistance of stainless steel filter housing, plastic filter housings made of PPH, PP, PVC, UPVC and other materials are generally used as filter equipment for corrosive liquids. These plastic filter housings are excellent in acid, alkali and chemical resistance. Among them, plastic filter housing made of PP and PPH are better in acid, alkali, and chemical corrosion resistance than plastic filter housing made of PVC and UPVC.


4. Outstanding Sealing Performance

The body of our PPH Plastic Filter Housing is designed with a curved structure, and its curved structure is just in full contact with the sealing ring of the basket inside, which improves the sealing between the filter basket and the inner wall of the housing body. In addition, the inside of the filter basket is also designed with a sealing structure suitable for the ring of international standard filter bag, which also improves the sealing performance between the filter basket and the filter bag. Overall, the sealed structure inside the PPH plastic bag filter housing almost avoids the leakage of the liquid inside filter housing and ensures that the downstream liquid is not polluted.


5. Simpler Installation and Replacement

HONGTEK provides two types of PPH plastic filter housing: Swing Bolt Cap Type and Screwing Cap Type. The filter basket in the bag filter housing is designed with handle, and there are fewer accessories inside the cartridge filter housing, which is easier to install and replace the filter bag or filter cartridge. Moreover, no tools are required during the entire process of installing and replacing filter elements, making the operation process more convenient.

pph-plastic-filter-housing-10.jpg pph-plastic-filter-housing-11-1.jpg pph-plastic-filter-housing-12.jpg

6. Easier Operation and Maintenance

The inner and outer walls of our PPH Cartridge Filter Housing and PPH Bag Filter Housing are polished to prevent residual liquid crystallization on the inner wall of the housing after the filter housing is suspended. When the filter housing is restarted, it can avoid the liquid crystallization in the inner wall from causing downstream pollution. At the same time, it can also make it easier for the operator to clean the filter housing, saving time and cost.


7. Longer Service Life

PPH material is a material modified and enhanced by polypropylene. It is excellent in chemical corrosion, acid and alkali resistance, high temperature and pressure resistance, wear resistance, anti-aging and other properties and is stronger than PP material. While PVC and UPVC materials are prone to aging under strong ultraviolet radiation. Compared with plastic filter housing made of PP, PVC, UPVC, etc., Hongtek's PPH plastic filter housing has more stable performance during operation and a longer service life.

pph-plastic-filter-housing-8.jpg pph-plastic-filter-housing-9.jpg

8. Wider Variety of Models are Available

In order to meet the different filtration requirements in various fields in terms of liquid concentration, liquid flow rate, turbidity (NTU), sludge density index (SDI), total dissolved solids (TDS), retention rate, PH value, floor area, etc., Hongtek has designed a variety of models of PPH plastic filter housing for selection (as shown below), if you need any support, feel free to contact us for more details!

PPC Series HousingPPH Series HousingPPT Series HousingPPF Series HousingPPU Series HousingPPM Series HousingPPY Series Housing

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