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How to Replace Pleated Filter Cartridge?

Jan. 09, 2020


A good pleated filter cartridge not only can remove the impurities but also can prolong the service life of the hydraulic system and lubrication system. Therefore, selecting a high-quality pleated cartridge and operating it reasonably is of great importance. The steps to replace the pleated filter cartridge are as follows:

1. Prepare a new pleated filter cartridge which the specification, material, size and o-ring material are all suitable for the filter housing. Besides, other tools are also needed, such as disassembling tools, used cartridge collecting barrels, cleaning rags, etc..

2. Clean the shell of the filter housing thoroughly and empty the area around the filter to leave an operating area.

3. Confirm that if the system is in a stopped state. If yes, slowly open the deflation valve on the top of the filter to relieve the pressure in it. During this process, be sure to take a note of safety in case of the spatter of filtered liquids.

4. Empty the leftover liquid in the filter, open the cover with a tool and take out the used cartridge. After that, clean the inside of the filter carefully.


5. Moisture the o-ring by wetting agents (like water) to reduce the friction between o-rings and pleated filter, and then hold it at the o-ring end and insert it in the slot vertically. The seamless joint of the o-ring and the slot is necessary to ensure the leakproofness of the pleated cartridge filter. If not, the purity of the liquid will be broken. The following first picture shows the normative operation and the rest two are the incorrect examples.


6. After the cartridge is well replaced, complete the rest of the steps:

(1) Install the metal cover piece.

(2) Close the outlet filter housing.

(3) Open the deflation valve at the top of the shell.

(4) Open the inlet valve to allow the liquid flow into the filter.

(5) When the liquid spilled from the deflation valve, close it.

(6) Check the joint to ensure the leakproofness of the whole filter housing.

(7) Finally, open the outlet slowly, until it is fully opened.

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