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What Water Treatment Processes are Used in the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022?

Dec. 11, 2022


The 2022 World Cup in Qatar will cost as much as 229 billion US dollars, the highest investment cost ever for a World Cup host. Due to the scarcity of fresh water resources in Qatar, there is also a lot of investment in water treatment equipment and facilities. The water treatment processes used by Qatar World Cup mainly include drinking water purification process, commercial water filtration process and seawater desalination process, etc. Let's take a closer look at how these water treatment processes work together.

Drinking Water Filtration Process

Usually the filter consumables used in the drinking water filtration process are PP Melt Blown Cartridge, Granular Activated Carbon Cartridge, Extruded Carbon Block Cartridge, RO Membrane Element, Sintered Carbon Block Cartridge. The melt blown filter is mainly used to remove dust, sand and other dissolved particles in the water, etc. Granular Carbon Cartridge mainly absorbs residual chlorine and other organic particles in water. The main function of the extruded carbon block cartridge is to intercept particles larger than 5 micron, absorb organic particles and odors, etc. RO membrane filters are mainly used to remove ions and unwanted molecules in water, etc. The main function of the Sintered Activated Carbon Cartridge is to remove organic particles, residual chlorine, odor, etc in the water and improve the taste of drinking water.


Commercial Water Filtration Process

Commercial water filtration process mainly include microfiltration process, ultrafiltration process and reverse osmosis filtration process, etc. Different commercial places will choose the appropriate filtration process according to their respective water standards, and also consider the actual use space of the place, water consumption, raw water quality standards, filtration efficiency and cost and other factors.

1. Reverse Osmosis Filtration Process

Reverse osmosis filtration is mainly to remove dissolved salts, colloids, organic matter, bacteria, microorganisms and other impurities in water, and provide pure water for hotels, restaurants and other places. It is mainly used in beverage preparation water, food processing water, washing water, etc., that are in direct contact with edible products or tools.

world-cup-qatar-water-treatment-proess-4.jpg world-cup-qatar-water-treatment-proess-5.jpg world-cup-qatar-water-treatment-proess-6.jpg

2. Ultrafiltration Process

The main function of ultrafiltration is to remove harmful substances and macromolecules such as suspended solids, algae, rust, colloids, particles, bacteria and viruses in water, and retain original trace elements and minerals in the water. It's mainly used in food and catering places that require the retention of trace elements and minerals in water. In addition, ultrafiltration can also be applied to pre-filtration of reverse osmosis to prolong the service life of reverse osmosis membrane elements.


3. Microfiltration Process

The main function of microfiltration is to intercept sandstone, silt, clay and other particles in water, as well as Giardia, Cryptosporidium, algae and some bacteria, etc. It's mainly used for primary filtration treatment of raw water in commercial places such as hotel, restaurants, shopping malls, supermarkets, etc., to protect and extend the service life of downstream equipment and facilities. In addition, microfiltration is also often used in pre-filtration of ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis to retain particles with larger diameters and extend the service life of ultrafiltration membrane elements and reverse osmosis membrane elements.


Seawater Desalination Process

Seawater desalination processes mainly include pretreatment process, multi-media filtration process, reverse osmosis pre-filtration process, reverse osmosis filtration process, etc. It is to remove the salt and minerals in the seawater through the desalination process, so that the seawater is desalinated into fresh water suitable for human consumption, then provide fresh water needed for the World Cup in Qatar.

1. Pretreatment Process

After the seawater is transported to the seawater desalination plant through high pressure pumps and pipelines, it first undergoes pretreatment process such as coagulation, flocculation and dissolved air flotation to initially remove suspended particles, organic substances, colloids, algae and other impurities in the seawater. Then the treated sea water is sent to the multi-media filter for the next step of filtration.


2. Multi-media Filtration Process

The filter medium of the multi-media filter generally uses quartz sand, manganese sand and activated carbon, etc., and its main function is to further remove suspended particles, colloids, free chlorine, microorganisms, metal ions, etc., protect downstream reverse osmosis membrane elements and prolong their service life.


3. Reverse Osmosis pre-filtration Process

The main function of the reverse osmosis pre-filtration process is to intercept the particulate impurities in the water and prolong the service life of the downstream reverse osmosis membrane element. Reverse osmosis pre-filtration equipment generally uses FRP High Flow Filter Housings or FRP Cartridge Filter Housings, and filter consumables usually use High Flow Filter Cartridges or Melt Blown Cartridges of 5 micron.


4. Reverse Osmosis Filtration Process

The function of the reverse osmosis filtration process is mainly to remove impurities such as inorganic salts, metal ions, organic substances, colloids, etc., in seawater, and to produce fresh water through filtration. The reverse osmosis filtration system is generally designed and assembled in parallel according to the daily water production volume and selected equipment of appropriate size. The equipment of the reverse osmosis filtration system generally chooses FRP RO Membrane Housings, and the filter consumables usually choose RO Membrane Element.


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